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Why you need to use Crypter/obfuscator?

Cryptor / obfuscator is designed to protect the source code scripts from unauthorized analysis and reengineering. As you know, scripts Javascript impossible compiled into an executable file. Therefore, as a result of their use on web pages, source code scripts potentially available to an unlimited number of persons.

Some of these individuals can (and will) to analyze your scripts without your permission in their personal or commercial purposes, or copy part or all of the source code as a whole, to find vulnerabilities in the structure of your site, as well as in the other, contrary to your interests, purposes.

It should be remembered that this analysis is carried out not only manually, but often in the automatic mode 24 hours per day. Less than open source code of your scripts, the more chances to avoid the risk of unauthorized use and the occurrence of damage to you.

Remedies source scripts usually divided into cryptors and Obfuscators .

Cryptor is carried out over the entire source Javascript a general transformation that takes script text into unreadable form. Eg base64 or XOR on a fixed or dynamic value. Then added to the data obtained special unpacker code that, when run in a script browser translates the data to its original form, and the resulting code runs somehow.

In the simplest the case of start-up is through eval, which detects many autounpacker and allows you to quickly remove all protection. More advanced cryptors not use eval, and launch a through creation anonymous functions, manipulation with designers base types or other little-known opportunities JavaScript.

obfuscator irreversibly change themselves design the script source code. Added between operators source "junk" instructions replace readable names and logical functions, constants and variables with meaningless in terms of human names.
For example: if (BrowserName == "IE") SendRequest(1);
transform into if (Е2А==eSx)Pl1(iF0);

Cryptor create more compact code and less impact on the performance of the original script, but less resistant to deprotection and after the "failure" give all the source code for almost the initial state.
Obfuscators, to achieve the same unreadable significantly increase in the amount of code and some cases adversely affect the reliability of the original script. But while protecting quality obfuscator can not be removed until the end, even after a detailed analysis of its mechanism.

Cryptor / obfuscator Caesar combines the pluses of both approaches. Mechanism allows the use of encryption reduce the inevitable increase in code size of the output. Obfustsirovanie important sections of code decompressor, and delicate obfustsirovanie source resistance increases protection.

In addition, unlike many cryptors / obfuscators for Javascript (including commercial) Caesar uses special techniques protivootladochnye. Protection Jsbeautifier, Firefox Firebug and Firefox Deobfuscator, Wepawet (, Jsunpack ( Ability to bind script code to domain. Setting the character encoding and script's life time.

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/08.03.2019/ Плановые обновления обфускаторов caesar и caesar+

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