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Crypter/obfuscator options

Ниже приведено сравнение основных параметров некоторых популярных обфускаторов для защиты скриптов JavaScript и MS JScript с крипторами-обфускаторами Цезарь (caesar), Цезарь-Хром (caesar_chrome), Фауст (faust).

parametr \ nameCaesarFaustCaesar+Caesar
adjust code size+-+------
сжатие кода---+----+
life time of script+-+------
JScript support-+----+--
separate script+++++-+-+/-
open source code+++++---+
protection from Firebug+/--++/------
protection from Wepawet++++-----
protection from Jsunpack++++-----
ability to domain or ip lock+-+------
CRC check--+------
script languagepythonpythonpythonpythonphp?php?php,perl
скомпилированная версия под x86Win|LinuxWin|LinuxWin|LinuxWin|Linux-----

Descriptions of some parameters

adjust code size — obfuscator / kriptor can adjust the amount of code output by setting. A script can create a compact code (when there is a restriction on the length of the script), and vice versa - big and most protected from foreign analysis.

polymorph — obfuscator / criptor each time generates different output JavaScript code to the same source. The degree of polymorphism among different options different representations of the same code.

life time of script — obfuscator / cryptor can add the generated code and the timestamp maximum lifetime. After a predetermined time passes after the generation of the code "dies" and not more does not start. Effective solution to protect against bots that perform a deferred analysis of JS code ( downloaded the generated code with the page, and estimate a few minutes or hours).

separate script — obfuscator / cryptor available as a separate script, which can be used without additional modules on the server. At the same time, in the process of obfuscation, your protected source scripts is not shared with third parties, in contrast to the use of external crypts services.

protection from Firebug — the generated code makes more difficult the unauthorized analysis of his body with the help of Firebug plugin for Firefox.

protection from Wepawet — Protection against unauthorized analysis by the automatic service

protection from Jsunpack — Protection against unauthorized analysis by the automatic service

ability to domain or ip lock — obtained JS code can be linked to a specific domain. When you try to run the code locally or on a different domain, the code does not work out.

open source code — source code obfuscator script readable, is not tied to a particular machine / domain, you can modify for their own purposes.

CRC check — before unpacking and executing the obfuscated javascript code  going self-test for the presence of unauthorized modifications. Upon detection of extra commands (or shortage) the script is halt self work. Used to protect against hacking activity.

скомпилированная версия под x86 — обфускатор можно получить не только в форме Python скрипта, но и в виде готового для запуска "из коробки" бинарного файла под Windows или Linux.

Description obfuscators / cryptors the table

styx: входит в состав крипт-сервиса, в качестве отдельного скрипта не доступен. На рынке с 2010 года.

kaimi: бесплатный и потому широко известный криптор для JavaScript и VBS с закрытым исходным кодом.

jjencode: онлайн сервис для простого обфусцирования Javascript кода.

p.a.c.k.e.r: скрипт и онлайн сервис для простого криптования Javascript кода со сжатием. Запуск кода через открытый вызов eval снижает защиту почти до нуля. Распаковывается многими публичными сервисами, в т.ч.